This Week in Rust Docs 87

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This week’s edition was edited by Guillaume Gomez.

Latest news

Happy new year! The last year has been very intense in the Rust documentation world:

  • We improved the documentation search (both display and search itself).
  • We improved the documentation display (it now fully works on mobile devices!).
  • We added more information into the documentation (the crate version, if the return type is implements any of Iterator/Read/Write trait, and a lot more…).
  • We added the possibility to include external files in documentation.
  • We (finally!) started the migration of our markdown renderer from hoedown to pulldown.
  • We added examples to every function/methods/types to allow readers to understand more quickly.
  • We added a lint (missing_docs) to allow you to never miss an item not being documented.
  • And a lot more of awesome changes!

Maybe a blog post will be wrote to sum all this up, we’ll see.

Now time to catch up the two missing weeks!

Current opened issues

For now, here are the three big issues for Rust documentation:

They all need help to move forward so any contribution is very welcome!

There are currently around 70 other documentation issues opened. Look for T-doc tagged issues on GitHub!

Waiting for merge

Recent doc contributions


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Written on January 7, 2018